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San Antonio, TX | Bexar County

February 16, 2015

Everyone goes above and beyond their job. Mrs. Shore always has a smile. And has a way of making your worst day into an awesome day. She is the best. If I knew all their names I would make an entire list of everyone because they all are truly amazing.

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December 4, 2014

I honestly don't like this school. They have a big drug problem and the teachers and staff don't do anything about it. Nobody follows the dress code.

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August 27, 2014

We recently arrived in the Johnson High School District, and we absolutely love this high school. As we prepared to move, my wife flew to San Antonio to find a house and research the schools. She called Johnson and was met by a member of the administration who gave her a full tour of the campus and an orientation of the academic and extracurricular activities. It was above and beyond. As we arrived in town, I took my son to the high school to join the summer conditioning program, and the head f-ball coach and athletic director spent a full 30 minutes with us. The majority of that time, he talked to my son about academics and character...with a sprinkling of football and wrestling information. They have their priorities right. We love this school, teachers, and administration.

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August 11, 2014

I was a student at Johnson in the 2012-2013 school year, and from my time spent there I loved the school. I was a freshman and I can honestly can say I'm really happy Johnson is where I spent my first year of high school. It was a very bright, open environment. The architecture of the school was great, it had a very open feel. I took Pre-AP classes and I loved all of my teachers. If I needed assistance they were there to help. Contrary to other schools I'd attended, I didn't experience any racial problems. I made very good friends that I still communicate with although I live in a different city. I now attend an online school as a Junior, but if I had the choice to attend any high school, I would pick Johnson. Go Jags!

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August 3, 2014

My oldest daughter was a freshman at JHS last year. She did struggle with the transition from middle to high school. I called the counseling office within the first 2 weeks of school, as we saw she was struggling. The counselors set her up to meet with 2 upper class man girls to sort of guide her, it helped a lot. She then joined Art club, and is in advanced Theater Production classes. My middle daughter will be a incoming freshman this year, and is very excited to be a Jaguar. I can speak to the admin, to the counseling staff, who called me at 9 pm, on a Tuesday evening, well after school hours so we could switch my daughters schedule around, to better accommodate her interests. I also had her bumped from English to AP English, with no time elapsed, so it was an instant next day change at the beginning of school. Overall, we've been very impressed with all the assistance we've received from the principal, to the admin, to the teachers and Theater Staff. We moved to SA, from Ca about 5 years ago, and JHS was a wonderful choice for my daughters high school education.

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July 31, 2014

I don't know how this can be considered a high school. I only went here for a couple months and then decided to leave. The office staff is absolutely horrible. The dress code is not enforced what so ever so I saw girls walking around with shorts up their butts. Some teachers are better than others but for the most part mine were not that good. I would have loved to have gone to a school that actually focused on the academics and not the latest gossip, what people are wearing, and whoi has the most money. Often times I felt like I was being made fun of because I wasn't wearing all the same designer brands everyone else was wearing. If you actually want a good learning environment for your child do not send them here.

May 28, 2014

Johnson is a great school if you have a great student. However, there are few things available to those who aren't competitive in a specific area; if you're not a great athlete or musician, and you don't want to do JROTC, you have a good chance of falling through the cracks at this school. And there's too much money and temptations at this school to fall through the cracks without getting into a mess. They need more good programs and better teachers, especially in the technology area.

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May 20, 2014

We just moved to Texas a few months ago. We found a beautiful house in the Johnson High school district. After reading all the negative reviews about the teachers and the staff I was nervous about sending my child to Johnson High. Coming in the middle of the year was a difficult adjustment for my child. My child was struggling in math and I contacted the math teacher Ms. Perez and she worked with my child after school and my child has completely caught up. So I am not sure why there are so many negative comments about the teachers. I have found the majority of the teachers to be wonderful. The office staff is a different story, they are rude and seemed bothered by having to do any type of work. This school has so much potential, I hope the parents become more involved.

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March 6, 2014

The school's math department is the worst out of the whole district. They are very unorganized and do not report grades in a timely matter. Same goes with the chemistry department. These seem to be the only areas that need tremendous improvement.

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January 13, 2014

@Guy idolizing the lawman You've got it all wrong. WORST EXCUSE FOR A LEO I'VE EVER SEEN! I would never trust him with my life but sadly I can't decide for myself. All NEISD "police" are a joke. Intimidating students and lying to them about their RIGHTS.

Submitted by a teacher

January 12, 2014

I don't understand how some parents seem to have such a problem. None of my children had issues that went unaddressed. Morning tutoring is free at school and my children have taken advantage of it when needed in their years at JHS. Its a great school and I'm proud of my children and believe this high school has made/making them very ready for college. I checked a lot of reviews before moving to this area and I'm glad I didn't see these kind. I love my neighborhood and the schools here and feel blessed.

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January 10, 2014

Principal is in way over his head. He will not deal with issues and then tries to cover up when administration gets involved. Very scary. He is more worried about being addressed as Mr. Disappointing to say the least. I would never recommend this school.

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November 17, 2013

I agree with the post below about the JHS Math programs. Poor instruction in many subjects is more the norm than the exception. Almost every child I know has a tutor at least weekly at $50-$60/hr. Who can afford this? The curriculum needs to be adequately covered during class with supplemental help through before/after school tutoring (raises another issue). The Administration talks the talk but needs to walk the walk and address BAD teachers and manage their staff. They need to address the fact that many extracurricular leaders do not support their students academic endeavors. Kids are precluded from attending tutoring and reviews because they fear penalties. They are afraid to even ask to miss a practice or event. These coaches/directors say they can attend yet there are usually consequences/threats. In the kids eyes it s not even worth it. Shouldn t every staff member at JHS support the "whole child ? This unsaid policy is not fair to the children and certainly no way to positively motivate or manage. Parents are too scared to ask questions or bring up concerns for fear their children will suffer retaliation. It very dysfunctional and sad for the students.

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November 6, 2013

The math department at Johnson is lacking in a HUGE way! They do not teach at all, students are not prepared for any exams. I have had to pay for a turtor for 4 years (50.00 a week) to make up for the lack of teaching and preparation for my children. Some of the teachers have a good web page and send out emails and "talk a good game" but do not deliver! Your child will NOT be prepared for SAT/ACT if you rely solely on the Math Department at Johnson High School...very disappointing for a large school with HUGE funding!!

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October 1, 2013

The principal at Johnson High School is such an amazing administrator. My child has had him since 6th grade. He is always open to suggestions and feedback. If we have had an issue he has addressed it right away. He is fair, unbiased and responsive. I like the way he uses common sense and calmness. Some of the parents at this school are a little rabid. He uses a no nonsense approach that is very appreciated!

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